I’m Going to Hurt Your Brain With Big Numbers

[How Many Things Are There?] (Viewer #1,148,098)

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  1. Bear with me… Suppose…

    In the (this?) Universe, there are a Trillion galaxies each with a Trillion star-like bodies around them.

    That’s a Trillion Trillion stars = 10^24 stars.

    Each star averages 10 planets. = 10^25 planets.

    One in a million planets ultimately supports intelligent life = 10^19 planets ever having intelligent life.

    But at any given time, one in a million of those will be actively alive and thriving = 10^13 planets right now. (10 Trillion)

    Each thriving planet averages one Billion intelligent lives (10^9). So, right now, there are 10^22 living “souls” in the Universe.

    Not counting dogs and cats.

    Ultimately, heaven, if there is such a place, is going to be very crowded!



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