It’s Like, Fiduciary, Dude

In Colorado, a new University has opened its doors that teaches people how to run a marijuana business.

The hardest part – convincing them that a lava lamp is NOT considered a depreciable asset for tax purposes.

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  1. “Staying mellow” isn’t a valid business plan;
    Giving away the inventory doesn’t make you a non-profit;
    Seed money is exactly what it sounds like;
    Majorly high is not the tax bracket you want to aim for;
    Your income is what the Occupiers are eyeing, not someone else’s.

  2. Home of the Fighting Stoners (not to be confused with the Fighting Irish) unfortunately their football program was a total bust do to the fact that no one could remember the plays.

  3. Step 1: Do exactly what you’ve been doing for years.
    Step 2: Pay the government because you made money doing what you’ve been doing for years.
    Step 3: Realize, wow man, this like…sucks dude, I gotta give them like half my money man, wtf?
    Step 4: Move to a state where it’s still illegal.
    Step 5: Repeat Step 1.


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