Obama Warned Us – Preventive

Preventive Care – Go ahead, get that checkup or vaccine – thanks to Obamacare, preventive services are no cost to you.


“Which makes it totally worth the 350% hike in the cost of your insurance premium, right?”

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  1. ….no cost to me? If I’m paying for the insurance, I’m pretty sure it’s part of the cost.

    Ooooh, I get it, that’s code for, it’s free for Obama voters. I keep forgetting that when he speaks, it’s only to people who don’t work.


  2. If you don’t like the change you’re welcome to do something about it or change your country of residence. It’s foolish to blame a single man for the changes in our country republican or democrat.

    …but complaining seems to be free and easier I suppose. Why try to change how the country is ran when you can just bitch about it.


  3. @4 – Ya know, I’d *love* to just bag it to a different free country, but America was the freest nation on the planet. Anywhere else I could go to is a HUGE step down.

    197 stinking commie hellhole countries on the planet that the progressive scumbags could’ve moved to… but no… the had to drag THIS country down into the muck, too.


  4. Didn’t we as the people allow the country to be dragged down the hole tho? As responsible voters it’s supposed to be our job to make changes.

    Not saying I’ve always done everything I can, I think I’m guilty as anyone! Lol

    I just hear a lot of people complaining about Obama (not necessarily saying they’re wrong) just like to ask what are you/we doing about it? I feel like in my granddaddy’s time you’d have seen riots, impeachment, or other actions taken… My generation is just kind of letting it go.


  5. Trying to figure out whether positiveaction is a sophisticated concern troll, or not.

    Why go on a political humor site and tell them that they’re doing nothing? Isn’t it something? What’s the motivation?

    Why suggest riots?

    Why suggest impeachment? Do citizens have the power to impeach? No.

    Why say that the errors of government reflect the will of the majority (as if election fraud were nonexistent)? Is it a waste of time to criticize them? What is the motivation?

    These posts just don’t ring true. On a political humor website.


  6. @6 – positiveaction – I’ll quote Ayn Rand:

    If you like condensations (provided you bear in mind their full meaning), I will say: when you ask “What can one do?” the answer is “SPEAK” (provided you know what you are saying).

    A few suggestions: do not wait for a national audience. Speak on any scale open to you, large or small, to your friends, your associates, your professional organizations, or any legitimate public forum.

    You can never tell when your words will reach the right mind at the right time. You will see no immediate results, but it is of such activities that public opinion is made.




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