One for the Road

The Pentagon said that next month, US troops will conduct military exercises in four countries across Eastern Europe.

Our last visit, I guess, before Obama lets them become Western Russia.

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  1. 150 each in four countries. about enough to run up the white flag over every base simultaneously.

    putin is laughing himself sick and our forces know it.

    the A-10 warthog was developed for exactly this and obama will retire it instead of sending it.


  2. Bacon to jw. The A-10 is the most effective ground support aircraft ever built. It literally makes our enemies crap their pants.

    We are headed for VERY deep kimchi.


  3. CCO says:
    April 17th, 2014 at 11:47 pm
    @7: A-10: “When the line between life and death is measured in millimeters of depleted uranium.”

    “Go ugly early.”

    credit where credit is due.



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