Random Reward System

A new study shows that 1,100 IRS employees who had issues with tax compliance received more than $1 million in cash bonuses.

Well, I guess they can’t ALL get Treasury Secretary appointments.

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  1. Perspective: DoD civilian employees have been on a pay freeze since Obama got elected the first time. my last several bonuses were a few hours of time off. There was no money for bonuses. Last year we got paid less because of sequester. There wasn’t even enough money to pay us for our normal pay. Did everyone forget that already?


  2. No. I am “job locked”. In addition to the absurdly high paycheck I get, I have a wife who is accustomed to spending my money at its current levels. And there has also been a hiring freeze since Obama got elected. And many defense contracts have been cancelled so the contractors with my skills have been competing for those few available govt positions.

    If only the Obama administration could find a way to get me fired so I could be free to be an artist or follow my dreams of being a rich industrialist.



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