Random Thoughts: Death Penalty, Passwords, and Old Man Solo

If you’re trying to get people to be against the death penalty, never ever frame as people should have sympathy for the poor murderers. Stick to arguing someone innocent could be executed and nothing else.

You ever wonder where those large checks we get each week just for being straight white males come from?

Note to websites: Since I can’t remember what each of your password rules were, I need at least 10 tries before you lock me out.

So how alarmed should we be for the future of society when an 80 year old is a blatant racist?

Just bring back the firing squad. How many times did we screw that up?

At least the guy who murdered 77 people knows his place and is asking for a PS3 and not the newer PS4.

Got an idea for movie version of The Good Samaritan, but as an action adventure. Do I need to get rights from Jesus or is public domain?

I know rights expire a while after the author dies, but He came back to life so I don’t know how that messes with things.

If there’s nothing to Benghazi, why the administration constantly lying about it? Because that’s just what they do about everything, I guess.

And What Happens Next Will Astound You! (Unless You Don’t Click the Link Because If It Were Worth Your Time It Would Be Less Vague)

I’m bored. Any chance of WWIII breaking out any time soon?

I always know someone has the better argument when they have to spend time asserting how smart they are.

When we say we want to end inequality, we mean among the lesser people. Intellectuals are supposed to be above everyone else.

The key to job growth is keeping idiots from mucking around with other people’s businesses.

I once earned minimum wage while I was a teen. Don’t think I could have lived on it. Didn’t try to. It was money for books for college.

“You kids get off my space lawn! I have no qualms about shooting first!” -old man Solo in Star Wars VII

Do you realize this next Star Wars movie will be the first ever correctly numbered one?

If history has shown us anything, it’s that whatever power you give the government will one day be wielded by idiots.

It Star Wars VII, Han Solo will be too slow from age to be able to shoot first.

If I knew the death penalty was going to be so poorly administered, I never would have committed a capital crime.

“In my day, we were happy with blue or green or red lightsabers, but I saw some Youngling with an orange one. No decency!” -old man Luke

*cough* *cough*
“…aaawwwerrrr!” -old man Chewbacca

So will the ghost of Obi Wan be in the new Star Wars movie or did he extra die now?

So how long until we have e-joints?

They should replace all the blasters in Star Wars VII with walkie talkies now to make things easier for future post-production.

So does Vox actually work for the White House?

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  1. I think the Good Samaritan story is public domain in the US, but in the UK all rights are invested in the Crown. I would say that you couldn’t stretch that out to 88 minutes, unless you pull in the off screen stuff like Peter Jackson did for The Desolation of Smaug. Oh, wait do it as a flashback (sort of like how Tales of Honor starts–I’ve only read the trailer, mind you), and have the movie start at Calvary then tell the Good Samaritan story in the flashback with the point being that Christ is the penultimate Good Samaritan. Hmm…who would be the point of view character? Not Luke, because he wasn’t there; maybe John?


  2. If history has shown us anything, it’s that whatever power you give the government will one day be wielded by idiots.”

    … guaranteeing that democratically-sustained, sociopolitical rot is self-perpetuating.

    We’re there.


  3. I think we can work out the kinks for this movie (working title: SAMARITAN). See, the Samaritan is good because he rescues the guy, but to get the modern angle, the guy he rescues was choking to death on pollution caused by the Israeli factories destroying Gaia’s world. The Samaritan is so angry about the pollution killing people that he starts killing people to stop it. I’m just spitballing here, but I see Liam Neeson as Sam.


  4. I think we can get past the copyright issues by setting it in Mexico and having the character’s name pronounced “Hey-Zeus”.


  5. If we update The Good Samaritan to today’s world, we’d have to make some other changes. Samaritans only recognized the first five books (the Pentateuch) as true law. They weren’t fond of people from outside areas encroaching their land. And, they were despised for their traditional stance.

    Who is the modern parallel for that? “The Good Conservative.”


  6. I suspect Star Wars VII will be the feature film in the next full-length Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie.


  7. I’m thinking that “Sambo” probably wouldn’t be the best title choice for a good Samaritan action-adventure movie.


  8. It may just be a joke to you but my 10-year old son has earnestly asked me several times if episode VII will have any Jedi ghosts in it.


  9. People die of drug overdoses all the time, how hard can it be? Next time they bust a big heroin ring, there’s your execution drugs, problem solved.



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