Random Thoughts: Gravity, English, and Star Wars Day

Since Isaac Newton invented gravity, every time you fall down he gets a nickel.

It’s the belief of Democrats that if blacks don’t think a certain way, it’s okay to use slurs against them.

“I have an idea: the past tense of read will be spelled the same but pronounced differently.”
“Because I hate mankind.”

i before e, except after c, or in so many other cases the rhyme is meaningless. English laughs at your attempt to place rules upon it.

In honor of Star Wars day, I’m going to come up with lazy scientific explanations for my daughter’s fairy tales to destroy their magic.

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  1. “English laughs at your attempt to place rules upon it.”

    my favorite idiocy along this line is “the exception that proves the rule”

    (even if you know that “proves” has a definition that means “tests”, the kids don’t know that and, even if they do, it still makes no sense.)



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