Random Thoughts: Hitler, Inequality, and Karl Rove

*teenager throws stone through mansion window*
Bruce Wayne: “I shall become a rock.”

I don’t know why the opposite of socialism isn’t lonerism. I support lonerism.

Hitler was constantly pushing for a smaller, less powerful government and making sure everyone had a right to a gun.

If you say you’re against fascism and keep pushing for the government to have more power and control more things, you’re incoherent.

If there’s one thing this country needs, it’s more rich people talking about the horrors of income inequality.

Let’s stop using hashtags; they’re ruining modern communication. #NoHashtags

It’s pretty fair to judge all Australians based on the actions of Mel Gibson. New Zealanders too, maybe.

I strongly disapprove of Karl Rove’s tactics against the old and sickly Hillary Clinton.

I can only hope Hillary Clinton’s hearing aid wasn’t turned up high enough to hear the slanderous things Rove said.

So was Hillary hit with a giant, cartoon mallet that made her forget everything about Benghazi or did I just imagine that?

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  1. Hillary isn’t all that religious, but every day she thanks God that Libya wasn’t wearing a blue dress.



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