Random Thoughts: Orwell and Community

Animal Farm is all about how government works well when you elect the people you are sure are the smartest and give them free reign.

1984 is about the dangers of not doing Communism correctly.

With all the comic book movies and tv shows coming out, what percentage of people actually read comic books?

One more season and a movie! All Community needed was one more season! Well, update Wikipedia to say all the characters were killed by an asteroid.

Can’t we kickstarter one more season of Community? Anyone know how to work that kickstarter thing?

I guess they could go straight to a movie, but 5 seasons and a movie would just be stupid. Whoever heard of such a thing?

Community was one of the best comedies ever. Worth getting HuluPlus just to watch all the seasons.

Wife and I are currently using HuluPlus to watch really really old Dr Who episodes. Community was much funnier.

My favorite thing to shirk are my responsibilities.

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  1. Basil,
    We do get a hearty laugh every time Susan COMPLETELY FREAKS OUT!!! I’m guessing Susan becomes a model to the Doctor for what a companion should not be.


  2. The Doctor musta got tired of that, too. He locked her out of the TARDIS and left her on Earth with some dude in Season 2.

    Carol Ann Ford left the series because of how the character developed … or didn’t develop. So, everyone kinda felt that way in the end.



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