Random Thoughts: Poser, Common Core, and the Minimum Wage

Poseur is the poser way of spelling poser.

So apparently I plagiarized that from SarahK on Facebook when she was making fun of me after editing a column of mine.

I’ll call it a collaborative effort, not plagiarism, then.

Should we take anything from the fact that all the people who designed the Common Core math tests ended up in Arkham Asylum?

*rolls up sleeves of lab coat*
“Let’s settle this science right here, right now!”

RE: Minimum Wage – If your strategy for getting a raise is to wait on politicians to do something, you are not destined for success.

I hope my employer never realizes it’s legal to pay me much less than they do.

I just thought basically any state not bordering one of the two coasts was the Midwest.

That’s at least fly-over country, right? And what about Alaska? That one doesn’t even get flown over.

The reason the idiot called it one thing and not the other thing is the other thing is already a name for something and would be confusing.

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