Random Thoughts: Ryu, Buzzwords, and the Flash

I hate writing. I like coming up with clever ideas and then sharing those ideas. Writing is the annoying thing in between.

I fully support the Skittles changing green to be apple flavored. Having both lemon and lime flavors is just lazy.

Lemon and lime are the Ken and Ryu of candy flavors.

It’s been more than 20 years since I first played Street Fighter 2, and I still have no idea how to pronounce “Ryu.”

I always pronounced it “Rye-u”, but I suspect that’s wrong.

This stream of consciousness was brought to you by Skittles… now with green apple flavor!

According to this article, the answer on how to pronounce Ryu is don’t if you’re not native Japanese.

Apparently it’s ree-Yoo, but one syllable and the ree is so faint that all the sound clips of pronunciations sound like someone just saying “you.”

Chicks dig guys that pay them less.

I’m sophisticated. I’ve been to New York City before. I went to the art museum with the T. rex skeleton statue.

“Minimum wage is now $10 an hour!”
“Nope. Minimum wage is still $0. You’re fired. Meet your computer replacement.”

“Life begins at conception” such a simple concept that you have to act really stupid to pretend to be confused by it.

So they talked to ob-gyns about a generally biology question to act like the other guy is dumb about science.

Maybe this is a microaggression from my white privilege, but people don’t take things seriously that are dominated by trendy buzzwords.

Never got the Flash as a superhero. Running fast is a superpower so lame it rivals the powers of Aquaman.

Running fast would be a great superpower for a French superhero.

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  1. After going to the “Life Begins at Conception” link, reading it and scrolling down the first dozen comments, I am depressed. I was raised to be skeptical of the absolutes of every argument, in the belief that there exists a point of rational compromise where free will, liberty and civility can meet and coexist. But concerning abortion, there are those who countenance murder and those who do not. And a great number of my neighbors do and I do not. The probability of civil compromise is zero. On that, the science is settled.


  2. So, the Flash is a spin-off of a show with a guy whose super power is shooting arrows straight. I think that’s a step up in superpowers.

    Also, can’t the Flash run faster than Superman? IIRC, he can run so fast, he enters a different dimension and can probably go back in time. He’s like a Time Lord who doesn’t need a TARDIS.


  3. @5 I”m sure they had some in World War I. I think the Germans killed the last of them in 1943 or ’44.


  4. Being the Flash means never having to say you’re sorry. You just leave her with a sonic boom to remember you by.



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