Respect Our Mosquito-American Brethren

A deadly disease-spreading mosquito has been detected in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Just waiting for Berkeley to declare itself a Sanctuary City and start posting “swatting = hate crime” signs everywhere.

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  1. No worries. Just pass out free mosquito netting* along with the free hypodermic needles and free condoms. Never mind that these mosquitoes bite during the day rather than the night. People can be counted on to make safe choices, even if inconvenient. Especially in San Francisco, the sensible life-style capital of the world.

    * This has worked so well in Africa! Only 50 million people have died world-wide since DDT was first banned in 1972. Who could argue with such a resounding success story?


  2. Not sure what the whole day night question is concerning mosquitoes. They bite both day and night. Mosquitoes don’t like direct sunlight and will seek shade, but I’ve been bitten plenty of times at high noon. To the larger point, nowadays we all live in one big tent. Your fleas are my fleas and vise versa. If you’re on line it’s nothing but viruses. If you travel it’s nothing but viruses. Now if you stay home you have to answer the door wearing a hazmat suit… well, as for me, I’m expecting the walking dude will be along directly.



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