The Honor and Remember Flag

5. What does the HR flag design signify?

The Honor and Remember Flag was designed from both historic military and universal icons. The Red field symbolizes the sacrifice of blood shed; what better color than American Flag red. The White field below, the purity of that sacrifice. Each man and women serves with a pure heart and a willingness to lay down their lives at any moment. The Blue star in the center dates back to World War I when military families hung a solid blue star banner on their windows or doors representing a loved one on active duty. The Gold Star overlaying the Blue, again going back to WWI, signified that the loved one had been killed. The Folded Flag beneath the stars represents the flag that is handed to each family at the memorial service of their loved one. The Flames above are an eternal reminder that we will never forget. The Three Words below complete the tribute, we will always Honor their sacrifice and Remember them specifically by name.

A gold-star father designed this flag to specifically represent fallen members of the armed forces, and has been on a one-man mission to get it officially recognized as such in all 50 states and federally.

He’s making progress.

There are 4 things you can do to help, if you’re of a mind. Click here and scroll down to #8 to see what they are.

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