The Race Is On

Russia is planning to make a super-rocket capable of taking people to Mars.

In response, President Obama is planning to give NASA a big enough budget to make a long distance call asking them for a lift.

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  1. Moscow Russia (AP) June 12 2030. Russian authorities announced today the successful landing of the first Russian expedition to Mars. Among the guest cosmonauts was former president Barack Obama of the former United States of America, now known as the Islamic Republic of Northern Mexico. When asked for a comment the former president praised Allah and also stated that it looked like the Martians could use a better health care plan than their current one, and that he had one in mind to recommend to them. Meanwhile President for life Putin stated that the Russian Parliament had voted to give him the right to send troops to Mars if the Martians threatened Russian citizens or Russia in any way. All of the visiting cosmonauts were invited to a gala party at the Chinese embassy in Mxcfkytoeu the capitol city of Mars.



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