Your Weekend Serenity: Contact Juggling With a Crystal Ball

Yeah, that one-handed thing he does at 1:33 made my eyes bug out a little bit.

[Contact Juggling – Taiwan] (Viewer #950,946)

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  1. wait — wait: what’s keeping it up in the air at 1:25 when apparently both hands are off it? Even if a finger or two are in contact. they must be on the side, where they could not stop gravity.

    At 1:32 it’s under his hand, for longer than it would take gravity to intervene. So what’s going on? Sticky substance? Slo- mo? Unseen air blower from below? I’m mesmerized but baffled and now skeptical.


  2. His thumb was under the ball, but we can’t see it due to the miracle of refraction – a very smooth performance!



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