Birthday gifts

Posted on June 4, 2014 10:00 am

Nuclear cakeYou know what today is, right?

That’s right. My daughter-in-law’s birthday. Oh, and it’s Frank J.’s birthday, too. He and Sarah were either thoughtful or conniving enough to have birthdays that fall on birthdays within my family. And, today is Frank’s.

So, what did you get him? You know there’s a limit. Ten dollars was what we were told. That means at least twenty, unless you want to look cheap.

Or… if you’re like me and really cheap thoughtful, you make something by hand.

Now, now, hold on. Hear me out.

Frank has two children. They’ll be making him presents for years to come, so he’s getting used to cheap thoughtful gifts. So, if you made Frank something, show us. Post a picture — our cheapness extends to not paying to host your pictures, so Flikr or Photobucket or something for you — or, at least, a description of what you got or made Frank for his birthday.

There’ll be a prize for Frank’s favorite. Or Harvey’s, if Frank doesn’t bother to read the comments on something he didn’t write. We’ll figure something out.

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11 Responses to “Birthday gifts”

  1. DamnCat says:

    I got Frank 8 oz of fresh tuna! I put it in a manila envelope and mailed it yesterday. The post office lady said it should arrive on Monday.

    Enjoy, Frank!

  2. Jimmy says:

    I have fresh strawberries for Frank – because giving money strawberries to Frank makes me happy…

    …but I ate ’em because I hear he breaks out in hives.

    Sorry, Frank. But, Happy 35!

  3. Steve H says:

    One of these for when traffic is bad and you want to feel superior.
    (Or even if traffic is good.)

  4. Jack says:

    I made him a flag, no literally made him a flag. Now Frank J., is a flag. What’s good for the goose and all that. Click here for the pic.

  5. DamnCat says:

    @Jack – SALUTE!

  6. Bob B says:

    I read ALL of Frank’s post, and only cringed once! Happy birthday, whippersnapper.

  7. jw says:

    @4 Jack

    bacon to you, sir

  8. blarg says:

    …it’s also my sister’s birthday. I never know what to get her – what do you give someone who thinks they’re entitled to everything?

  9. Basil says:


    Frank’s new book.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Well, if I’d known it was his birthday today, I would have baked a cake.

    And eaten it.

  11. Doug says:

    A nice present would be that million dollar adviser job he’s always wanted. But I’m sure he would rather make it on his own… with hard work and sarcasm.

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