Cartoon of the Day – If

[Mike Lester – GoComics]

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  1. No body does lies, deception, and obfuscation better than this administration, and when they need the perfect spokesman they turn to the trusted and reliable Susan Rice. Susan will tell the American people whatever truth the American people need to hear at any given time. Nobody knows better then Susan that today’s truth may not have been yesterday’s truth and may not necessarily be tomorrows truth. Susan has an uncommon ability to tell the truth of the moment without blinking an eye or even remotely appearing to be the shifty, lying political hack she is. She obviously has a bright future in Democratic politics.


  2. “Susan Rice. You lie!”

    Every time this woman addresses the American public… she flat out lies! From Benghazi on. She knows it, the press knows it, the American people know it… and yet still she lies! Obama has put her in charge of our Nation’s Security – due to her willingness to stand up and lie to the American people! I am not feeling all that… secure!



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