Exit Strategy

Commenting on Afghanistan, President Obama said “it’s harder to end wars than begin them”.

Depends on whether you end them by winning or quitting.

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  1. The last time the Democrats were in charge and we were on the winning side in a war was in 1945.


  2. “Quitting a war is not an option, no matter what the Marxists/Leftists/Progressives/Democrats/Communists want you to think. There are only two possible outcomes of a war. Either you win or you loose. If you quit (like Obama has repeatedly done) you loose. E

    Except in Obama’s case, when he makes America loose a war, his side wins. The exception being Libya, where the American military did win– unfortunately they won for Al Qaeda so Obama’s side still won even though America ultimately lost again.

    Now that’s change you can believe in.



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