Hashtag Fun: #HillaryIsSoPoor

Posted on June 22, 2014 8:00 am

A Twitter meme based on Hillary’s claim that she & Bill were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House.

Here are some good ones that I found via a casual skim of the hashtag search results:

* #HillaryIsSoPoor She’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

* #HillaryIsSoPoor that she only got $14M for a book that sold 60K copies & no one read (except for the Monica part).

* #HillaryIsSoPoor she had to take the White House china and furniture!

* #HillaryIsSoPoor She Wants To Win In 2016 So Can Get A Reverse Mortgage On The White House!

* #HillaryIsSoPoor, her daughter had to take a low paying job with a local TV station for only $600,000.

* Rumor: Chelsea Clinton will team up with Beyonce to form a girl band called “Poverty’s Child” #HillaryIsSoPoor

* #HillaryIsSoPoor she ran out of minutes by Sept 10th & couldn’t return Amb. Stevens’ call.

* #HillaryIsSoPoor that she has had to live on government money confiscated from private sector taxpayers for her entire life.

* #HillaryIsSoPoor she couldn’t afford the faithful husband upgrade

* #HillaryIsSoPoor, I lit a match in her house + roaches started singing “Clap your hands,stomp your feet,praise the Lord ’cause we got heat!”

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3 Responses to “Hashtag Fun: #HillaryIsSoPoor”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Sunday morning additions:

    “#HillaryIsSoPoor that she is every ways tired of it.”

    “#HillaryIsSoPoor that she joined the Choom Gang just to get some.”

    “#HillaryIsSoPoor that she’s taken to drinking Jim Beam from those little one-shot sample bottles.”

    “#HillaryIsSoPoor that her clothes are threadbare and her exposed thighs are cauing public faintings.”

    #HillaryIsSoPoor that her butt shrank and Astronomers temporarily lost track of Heranus.”

  2. Dohtimes says:

    #HillaryIsSoPoor that after borrowing a pork chop to get Obama’s dog to play with her she ate it. And the pork chop too.

  3. Anonymiss says:

    HillaryIsSoPoor that she can’t always ride in limos that match her pantsuit.

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