Let Your Right Brain Run Free

Adam Bellow, one of the creators of Liberty Island, has the cover story in the latest issue of National Review talking about the case for a counterculture revolution (which I get to be a part of by getting my novel published).

BTW, still pushing for the first goal in Liberty Island’s PubSlush campaign. Give and get a reward if you haven’t yet, and pass on to anyone you think might be interested. And the cover image is currently being worked on for my novel, Superego. Can’t wait to see it and share it with you. It better be awesome, because the novel is awesome. Because I wrote it.

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  1. …so wait, how does this work again? If we contribute we get an autographed e-book? Do we send you our tablet and you sign across the screen with a sharpie and send it back or is it a VeriSign PDF?


  2. My Right brain already runs free. It’s my Left brain, however, that tries to control things. Fortunately, I can restrict my Left brain’s dominance (except in things like engineering, programming and stuff like that).

    Hey, that’s actually a pretty good parallel to politics.



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