Link of the Day: Barack Obama = GigaMurphy

(Submitted by Jimmy via Neatorama [High Praise!])

How to Quantify Failure

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  1. So, having reread that all over again, Harvey, I was struck with repeated chuckling and outright laughter. However, I’ve pulled a gut Murphy and have to contain it to prevent pain.

    Anyway, if you don’t read that and laugh, you have a brain Murphy.

    And BTW, I’ve been using Murphys for years, especially for wires which have an inherent Murphy-induced, entangling function just sitting there. A set of wires, while starting out completely untangled, will become a Murphion rat’s nest if given sufficient time! I hate that.


  2. Since Murphy is the number one surname in Ireland, I charge that this article and the ensuing rating system is RACIST!!! I guess I should have expected as much from a site which openly flaunts its strict NO IRISH policy.



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