Link of the Day: Hope HealthCare.Gov’s Patch Notes Have This Much Entertainment Value

[High Praise! to Technabob]

Goat Simulator – which is quite probably the worst video game in the world and I remind you that you should NOT spend your money on it – has upgraded (if a steaming pile of fetid refuse can be said to be “upgraded”) to version 1.1

The release notes… are pretty much the opposite of the game, i.e. kinda awesome.

Give ’em a read, and you will be entertained:

Goat Simulator 1.1 Patch notes

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  1. I don’t even play video games (I play classical guitar instead), but I enjoyed those notes. Now I’m tempted by the possibility of being a goat, unlike Paul Krugman, who just looks like one (Hat tip: Frank J).



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