Link of the Day: Ten Lessons From SEAL Training

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Something Wonderful: “If you want to change the world….” Ten Lessons from Seals Training

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  1. “Over a few weeks of difficult training my SEAL class which started with 150 men was down to just 35. There were now six boat crews of seven men each.”

    apparently math is not a requirement.


  2. jw-

    Seriously, that’s all you got out of that?

    I saw it too, but instead of fixating on a trivial math error I took in what the man was saying, and thought just how rare and special an individual must be to endure what those guys endured.

    Sorry you are so easily distracted.


  3. @2 VelvetElvis

    sorry someone stole your sense of humor.

    if anyone who has stood on the wall and said, “no one will hurt you. not on my watch” wants to say 6×7 is 35, i will listen. however, when an admiral wants to lecture on how important the little things, even bed making, are then follows up with a grade school math error, i will point it out.

    sorry that you are so one dimensional.



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