Link of the Day: That Light is NOT an Oncoming Train!

[High Praise! to According to Hoyt]

Sometimes what you REALLY need in a bleak, dark landscape is to hear a sane human voice say “it’s not hopeless”.

This… is that.

That Light is NOT an Oncoming Train!

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  1. Thanks, Harvey, I hadn’t seen that post yet.

    I haven’t read her fiction, but her non-fiction writing really grabs my attention. She has a great gift… her mind.


  2. about 3 years ago I started calling Democrats, liberals, leftists and the rest what they really are in conversation, communists. The reaction has been very interesting. First, outright denial and outrage then bargaining and pointing out of distinctions without a difference when I show them that their view is in fact communist and then name calling of racist and Mccarthyite…but you can tell its completely empty and white they scream Mccarthy you can tell that behind the false bluster they’re thinking “holy crap…he’s right…I’m a communist”

    now, here’s the problem. after years in indoctrination they’re not sure that’s a bad thing…but identify the problem is the first step.

    I invite you to start doing the same. Call em what they are ti their face – communists.



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