Link of the Day: There’s a Name for People Who Wear Google Glass

[High Praise! to Dr. Omed’s Tent Show Revival]

The Internet of Faces

Not sure if I need a language warning on this, since the term for Glass-wearer only rhymes with a bad word. But it’s used repeatedly in the piece, and the term won’t be going away anytime soon, so it’s best to be an early adopter and decide now if you think it’s offensive and needs censoring.

And, having actually MET a Glass-wearer, I can’t honestly say the term isn’t appropriate. Smug-wise, they make iPeople look like Mother Teresa.

Tangential thought: hard to believe all those “super-smart” people at Google didn’t see this particular bit of derogatoria coming and pick a different name for their toy.

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  1. I once had a glasshole get very aggressive with me because I was holding my cell phone like I was taking pictures or filming him and he didn’t appreciate it. Apparently the “Hypocrite Detector” app doesn’t scan



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