lolbama!: Postponed – Unrelated Video Instead

I guess people would rather play out in the sun while the weather’s nice than sit inside & caption pictures, because I don’t have enough entries for a round-up this week.

So, here’s last week’s uncaptioned again:

And here’s me asking you to pretty please caption it (or another picture of your choosing) and send it to

Meanwhile, here’s an intelligent discussion on your responsibilities when you choose to open-carry, if you live in a state where it’s legal to do so. Stick all the way to the end please, because there’s a brief yet memorable lesson at 11:49 about showing courtesy to your fellow citizens that I am VERY glad I saw. Great way to make a point.

[Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry: When is it appropriate? with Jerry Miculek ] (Viewer #39,968)

By the way, Shakey Pete, I’d love for you to weigh in on this topic, you being our resident “old guy who’s forgotten more about shooting than you pups will ever learn” emeritus.

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  1. I generally pocket carry Glocks for my concealed carry. Primarily the modal 30 (45 auto with +p hollowpoints) biggest problem I have found is pocket lint and other pocket dirt. Solution: (and here is where I get laughed off the blog) Trojans – generic type. Those of you who ended up in RVN may remember the plastic hood that fit over the flash suppressor that you were supposed to remove before the fire fight (and never did) same idea. The generic -read cheap- are quite good enough for this purpose. They keep the dirt etc out of the gun barrel, which helps keeping the gun from exploding in your face.


  2. Uh, there sre any number of holsters designed to solve this problem. Troll? Seriously? You know about +P, and muzzle caps, but not pocket holsters? =8-0


  3. #4 JB

    I know about pocket holsters. In my case they are only good part of the time. This is another solution which seems to work better for me.



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