Might Come In Handy This Summer

This may or may not actually be more secure than putting your stuff in your shoes and piling a damp towel over them, but it may be worth it for avid beachgoers:

[Beach Vault] (Viewer #272,483)

The Beach Vault Kickstarter project:

Lay down! Close your eyes! Take a nap and let the sun kiss your skin with a beautiful shade … oh wait you can’t. The moment you arrived at the beach your friends and family went off to play volleyball, go surfing or take that all relaxing walk down the beach. You’ve been waiting for this moment to relax, you just want to shut your eyes, pop in your headphones and drift away, but that’s not possible. Why? Well, you’re currently guarding beach bags containing keys, wallets, cellphones, perhaps a kindle for reading or an Ipad. Well my friend, you don’t have to wait for someone to relieve you from your security post in order to begin relaxing. Let the beach vault do that for you!

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  1. @4 hari – true, but much like how you only need to run faster than your friend in order to survive a man-eating bear attack, you only need your stuff to be more secure than the guy on the next towel over in order to survive beach thieves.


  2. But…doesn’t the simple act of actually owning one of these things say that my stuff is more valuable than the stuff of the guy on the next towel over? He didn’t care enough about HIS stuff to protect it with a Beach Vault. Say there’s a bank and a house side by side: If robbing the bank involves a minimal amount of extra effort and an equal amount of risk of being caught, wouldn’t you be more likely to get a big payoff from the bank? The house MIGHT be hiding a Rembrandt, for all you know, but the bank is almost definitely going to have a lot more of value a lot more easily accessible.



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