No, Really, He Looks Like One

In the comments to my post about Goat Simulater, Iowa Jim [High Praise!] said:

“I’m tempted by the possibility of being a goat, unlike Paul Krugman, who just looks like one (Hat tip: Frank J)”

Which is a reference to Frank’s post about How to Stop Secrets From Leaking, wherein he said:

“When the leaker brings the documents to the New York Times, then you grab him because you secretly shipped everyone there to Gitmo and replaced them with doubles (Paul Krugman is a goat in a suit)”

Oddly, when you search “Paul Krugman Goat” in Google Images, nothing comes up. Nevertheless, here’s the proof if you need it.

Paul Krugman:

Paul Krugman’s Doppelg√∂ter:

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  1. No horns, shorter beard, definitely doesn’t look as intelligent as the goat. Yep, 4 of 7 is correct!



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