Obama Warned Us – Positioning

“We want young people to be in a position to pursue their dreams.” —President Obama #CollegeOpportunity


“That’s why we’ve created the new Affordable Dream Act. Free dreams for everyone! Uh… except the UnDreamed and people with Cadillac Dreams, who will be punitively taxed.”

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  1. Speaking of positioning…The US lost to Germany in Wold Cup Ladyball today 🙁
    But wait…they are still in it because someone else lost! 🙂
    Anyway…well done, Ladies! …I guess… 😐


  2. Sure, Mr. President, pretend you care about our kids so they’ll vote for you – all while you haven’t a friggen clue about running the office of President of The United States. Even Democrats are now rating Bush’s administration and it’s official conduct as better than yours. While we don’t really understand who the hell you think you are – we do KNOW you don’t understand the Constitutional basis of your office.



  3. …and for the government to be able to provide dreams to people who haven’t earned them I’m going to have to ask those of you who actually achieved something to assume a position…



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