Random Thoughts: Equal Pay, Guns, and Hagel

I have a fix for inequality; it’s called the whine tax. If you whine, you get taxed a thousand dollars.

I hope President Hillary only nukes bad people.

I’ll probably finally get a WiiU when the next Legend of Zelda comes out.

Women need men’s help getting equal pay? Come on, gals; learn to negotiate.

If you’re a woman falling for the president’s equal pay nonsense, you are not equal. You are stupid. That’s why you’re earning less.

I tell you the hard truths because I care. Or because I don’t care. One of those.

So guns were invented centuries ago, weren’t even regulated at all until beginning of last century, but are cause of school shooting now?

More correlation between rise of teachers unions and school shootings than anything about guns. Blaming that slightly more logical.

I mean, if we’re going to look at this logically. Which we’re not.

Boko Haram kidnapped more girls in Nigeria? Didn’t they see the president’s hashtag?

Try and deal logically with people who thought a “Gun Free Zone” sign would stop shootings at a school.

On the rules for getting a book signed by Hillary Clinton, why did they put “don’t make eye contact” twice?

I thought Assassin’s Creed IV got boring anytime you were on land, so I have no interest in the new one.

So how much are you getting paid to read the Hillary book?

Hillary Clinton married her way into being a feminist icon.

We should really start a plan to get America back on track for 2024 after the Hillary presidency.

So what is the realistic plan to keep crazy people from getting one of the 300 million guns in this country?

When I see the term “Neo-Nazi” I think of Neo from the Matrix dodging bullets while doing a Nazi salute. Stop dodging those bullets, Nazi!

The problems with confiscating guns is that the people you’d be taking guns from have guns.

I think item number one here illustrates why the majority doesn’t take gun control proponents seriously anymore.

So 1000s of gun deaths a year and horrific school shootings, and 1st idea is go after open carry at Chipotle responsible for 0 deaths per year.

This has long been the case where they propose gun control ideas that wouldn’t even stop the shooting that spawned the gun control craze.

Like proposing universal background checks following a shooting where the guns were stolen. Are they actually trying to stop gun deaths?

For the record, I don’t get why you’d want to open carry into Chipotle. But if you want to stop gun deaths, not the thing to go after.

“My dad said he was going out to get a vape refill and then we never saw him again.”

Obama: “You keep calling the Affordable Care Act ‘Obamacare,’ but it was really Chuck Hagel who came up with it.”

So apparently the brick walkway that served no purpose is actually there to hide the valve box, which it did a great job of.

Good job hiding the valve box, brick walkway. Dug up the whole yard trying to find it.

More like “Can’t”or. #PoliticalHumor

Come on. “Can’t”or. Get it? Because he couldn’t. He couldn’t win the primary. Yes, I guess that is already his name.

Saying we shouldn’t have guns in America is a like saying Europeans shouldn’t have taken the land from the natives. Little late on opinion.

If your gun policy doesn’t start with the assumption criminals will obtain guns no matter what, then it’s pointless.

Anyway, shout with impotent rage at guns and the NRA and then watch as nothing happens because there is no substance behind your anger.

So are people who support gun free zones that work on the honor system ever going to admit they have blood on their hands?

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  1. “So are people who support gun free zones that work on the honor system ever going to admit they have blood on their hands?”

    Only if hit with spattered blood while eating in the restaurant.


  2. According to Webster’s:

    can·tor [ kántər ] – n:
    1. chief singer in synagogue: a Jewish religious official who is the chief singer of the liturgy in a synagogue
    2. lead singer in choir: somebody who leads the singing in a synagogue or congregation

    But in this case a it’s fat lady.


  3. “My dad said he was going out to get a vape refill and then we never saw him again.”

    Took me a minute, then I laughed like a maniac. As a vaper, I totally approve this joke.


  4. So you remember those humorous western restaurant coatracks that instructed you to hang up your “shootin’ iron” on the way in? Was that a real thing? Did it work?


  5. No gun control scheme ever suggested has successfully answered the question “How will you get the guns away from criminals?”

    They’re always talking about a new law, or a new regulation, that THIS time will prevent the recent tragedy from recurring. Yet they continue to fail to understand that criminals, by definition, do not obey laws, and so such laws will only be obeyed by the law abiding, which are not the people who are the problem. It’s a failure in higher reasoning/logic that seems to be incurable.


  6. Some idiot was raving last week after Oregon (I think) that the shooter was tackled as he tried to reload, therefor magazine limits would prevent violence.
    He was completely incapable of understanding that one can be shot while reloading, instead of just tackled.



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