Random Thoughts: Negotiation, Sarcasm Detection, and Rogue Presidents

You know, I was 23 when I started my blog. Didn’t know a thing. Yet wrote stuff anyway. Know pretty much everything now.

Obama didn’t negotiate with terrorists. He took the sticker price.

So when will this software for detecting sarcasm in social media users be available? Because I’m not sure about my own posts sometimes.

Possible sarcasm detecting code:
sarcasm = true;

Three more books? When should we expect the third one to come out? 2083?

I’d be a rogue president who doesn’t play by the rules. “Fleming! Hand in your president badge and gun. I better not see you near Russia!”

Hillary couldn’t remember if she leaned on a walker in the photoshoot, seemed very confused where she was, offered “youngsters” hard candy.

A better trade would have been to give the ocean Taliban in exchange for fish.

If we shot five Taliban leaders to get Bergdahl back, that would have been awesome. What actually happened, not as good.

I think I’m too young to have ever read Rolling Stone.

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  1. If you are having trouble detecting sarcasm, perhaps you could engage Sheldon Cooper, he seems to be getting better at it.


  2. Re: Game of Thrones and three more books:

    Martin has been consistent on this subject, giving basically the same answer when we asked if he was “firmly committed” to seven books back in 2011 (“I’m as firm as I am,” Martin said, “until I decide not to be firm”).

    He’s firmly committed to keeping it floppy.


  3. “Obama didn’t negotiate with terrorists. He took the sticker price.”

    Didn’t get a Carfax either.


  4. Rolling Stone became totally worthless about 25 years ago when Ice-T was on every other cover and their disdain to normal people became over the top.



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