Random Thoughts: New Zealand, Redskins, and Fire Phone

Love the Flight of the Conchords show; such a light touch with the humor. Too bad only the two seasons.

So New Zealand is basically Australia’s Canada?

Washington Hippie Punch #NewRedskinsName

The Washington [name redacted] #NewRedskinsName

The Washington I’m Offended! #NewRedskinsName

Was there an offensive named used for the Na’vi used in Avatar? I think you can still disparage made up races. #NewRedskinsName

The Washington Indians, But Not the Kind from Asia #NewRedskinsName

On the bright side for them, the Washington Whatevers are going to make a ton of money when fans have to buy new merchandise.

Racism in sports apparently equals huge scorn and huge profits.

The crowdfunding for Liberty Island is well under way. Join and get my novel when it releases.

Will it be the best novel you’ve ever read? Yes. Absolutely. How could I possibly write anything less?

The Washington Slurs #NewRedskinsName

When you start to realize all the horrible things they say about the right is projection, the left can be pretty scary.

Amazon Fire Phone, I was with you until “exclusively on AT&T.”

Hey, I can still claim to have the latest iPhone; I’m not getting a new phone yet.

Be funny if Amazon forgot to put regular phone functionality on their phone. “Totally slipped our mind with all the other features.”

You’ll know Hillary is serious about campaigning when you see her put “Hillary 2016” stickers on her walker.

Because she’s old.

Hey, everyone; be like the Puppy Blender and support culture.

Was going to write a children’s story about nuking the moon, but the title I wanted, “Goodnight Moon”, was already taken.

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  1. The Washington Braves (after Atlanta)
    The Washington Indians (after Cleveland)
    The Washington White Men
    The Washington Misogynists
    The Washington Female Odors
    The Washington Sodomites


  2. The Washington Crony Capitalists
    The Washington Corrupticrats
    The Washington Tax ‘n Spenders
    The Washington Traitors


  3. Hey FrankJ, did you notice that Dr. Helen was pushing Amazon Blenders on Insty’s site on 6/15? She said she liked blenders. I bet she knows the best ones too.
    I joined too. hopefully I will treasure the book as much as I treasure the box that the Chronicles came in… The box was Signed by SarahK.


  4. The Washington Spendthrifts
    The Washington Corruption (inspired by the Miami Heat)
    The Washington Bureaucrats


  5. Saw on the news that after the Redskins are forced to change their name, the PC folks will move to the next team and the next, etc.

    I wonder when the US State of Oklahoma will be under attack since the name Oklahoma is Choctaw that means “Red People”.


  6. Since you can’t have names that insult people how can they still be named “Washington”?

    I vote for Washington Sucks.


  7. Washington Swindlers (or simply Swindle, to continue the Miami Heat-inspired theme)
    Washington Lobbyists
    Washington Pederasts (we can ask Harry Reid to coach)


  8. I could have SWORN you once said your children’s book would be called “Goodbye Moon”, and I still want to pre-order a copy!



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