Random Thoughts: Socialized Medicine, WH Press Secretary, and Buffy

Remember there has been numerous times in the US’s history we thought it was the end of American prosperity, and haven’t been right so far.

What’s happened with the VA doesn’t actually prove anything the right has been saying about socialized medicine except for everything.

We need free speech because everyone other than me becomes extreme when not challenged with dissenting views.

Hunger Games would have been a good alternate title for Pac-Man.

Why do we need a White House press secretary? Would asking questions to an empty podium achieve any less than usual press conference?

My recommendation for WH press secretary would be someone with a poor grasp of English because that will cover up deceptions more.

Don’t know why some politician hasn’t paid me a million dollars for my advice as I’m full of good advice and would like a million dollars.

So did people actually like Glory from season 5 of Buffy? I thought she was the worst part of the season.

Actually, when writing an eccentric, female villain for my novel, I kept saying to myself, “Make sure she’s nothing like Glory.”

I also have criticism for season 5 Buffy episode The Body because it’s so out of tone from rest of series, but I know I’m in minority there.

For whole series, high schoolers getting killed is dumb fun, but sometimes we’re supposed to take death super seriously.

Same problem with how Anya was killed off in finale. What worked for Serenity was out of place in Buffy.

They suddenly killed off my favorite character; I didn’t even care about the rest of the episode.

“I bet children will love toys based on this long after it’s largely irrelevant as a mode of transport.” -inventor of trains

So, Waterworld, whales and seals didn’t evolve gills from living in water, but Kevin Costner did?

Hello, darkness, my old friend,
Please connect with me on LinkedIn.

So the Big Bad Wolf came to the house of straw, and the little pig tweeted #LeaveMyHouseAlone. The End.

On the new Reading Rainbow: How to spoil things for people who only watch the HBO adaptation.

Know why Game of Thrones readers are good about not spoiling? We know eventually the show will get ahead of books and want favor returned.

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  1. I read that the actress who played Anya wanted her character to be killed off in the finale so she wouldn’t have to show up in any potential future Buffy movies/Angel episodes. I was actually more bothered by her getting left at the altar. I thought that seemed too out of character for Xander.

    The Body was supposed to be Buffy dealing with a death of someone she really cared about that she could do nothing to prevent. I don’t think anyone close to her had died by that point and she only had a handful of close relationships to begin with.

    Glory is super popular with some fans. I thought she was ok and they were trying for a sillier/crazy main villain after what they had done with the Mayor, Angel, etc. who were all very rational for the most part.


  2. “So the Big Bad Wolf came to the house of straw, and the little pig tweeted #LeaveMyHouseAlone. The End.”

    Nope. The Big Bad Wolf made bacon out of the tweeting squealing little pig and lived happily ever after.


  3. Part of what kept BtVS fresh was the inclusion of episodes that were entirely out of the blue – “The Body”, “The Zeppo”, “Hush”, “Once More with Feeling” among them.

    “The Body” made the point that the death of someone close to you affects you differently than that of someone you don’t know or you’ve known merely as an acquaintance. It also provided a chance for the characters to reveal more of themselves than they could in the usual show. Anya in particular gives a heartbreaking soliloquy. We see that, even though she always tries to make the best of her situation, the loss of her former immortality still haunts her deeply.

    As for Anya’s death, I’ve always felt that she had to die in order to atone for history as a vengance demon.


  4. All wars of the future will be fought with hashtags. Then countries have a disagreements they will just start making snarky comments on twitter with even snarkier hashtags – whichever country gets the most likes wins.

    Also, this is how approval for medical coverage under Obamacare will work for expensive medical procedures – you will have to get a million likes on facebook or you die of cancer or you don’t get that kidney transplant.


  5. I liked Glory just because she represented a return to the supernatural element of the show after all the Initiative garbage in season 4. I seriously hated the Initiative/Adam/Dr. Butch McHaircut/Riley/the whole college scene in season 4, so Glory seemed awesome by comparison.

    And it’s always fun to throw some chaotic evil into the mix and see how the heros respond.


  6. @4 Blarg: And it wasn’t all that long ago that General Patton wanted to decide the outcome of WWII by a tank battle between himself and Rommel.


  7. Frank, that he grows gills the no where near the worst science thing with Waterworld.

    Its more believable than that it apparently never rains and fresh water is a scarce commodity on a water covered world. Or that there was enough ice to melt into water to cover the earth, despite the fact that that you would need to cover the entire earth right now in thousands of feet of ice for that to even remotely make sense.


  8. “I bet children will love toys based on this long after it’s largely irrelevant as a mode of transport.” -inventor of trains. And oddly enough he was absolutely correct.



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