Random Thoughts: Surprised Obama, Taliban, and Bergdahl

Obama seems constantly surprised by everything. Maybe he has the same condition as that guy from Memento.

Bought my copy of Jim Geraghty’s The Weed Agency, out today. Buy a copy too and then you’ll be cool like me.

A novel about government bureaucracy? Maybe it’s something like Brazil. I didn’t understand Brazil.

So the WH really had no idea what the reaction to the release of Bergdahl would be? Even I have trouble believing they’re that dumb.

It’s good to know I have more Twitter followers than the American Nazi party. I’d hate to be less popular than Nazis.

Well, the Bergdahl trade was still better thought out than Obamacare.

The details about Bergdahl probably didn’t stick out to Obama; half of Obama’s friends have renounced their citizenship.

Maybe we just traded those 5 Taliban because they were duplicates (we kept their twin brothers).

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die or you get a copy of the home game (2-4 players, ages 10 & up).

Has Emily Blunt done any stoner comedies? Because I could imagine making a joke about that.

What I hate most about libertarians is how they’re always shushing you and think everything can fit in the Dewey Decimal System.

Something to make you feel old: Today is the 50th anniversary of the 1980s.

Why would anyone question trading five dangerous Taliban fighters for a guy who denounced his citizenship and deserted?

Maybe Obama should task Bill Ayers to explain why we should be happy about the Bergdahl trade.

“Hi, this is President Obama. I’m calling about the Ford Pinto you put on Craigslist. Would accept 3 Taliban members in exchange for it?”

There’s a right-wing conspiracy to point things out that the White House would not like pointed out.

If it was done in the name of Satan, that would be awful, but in the name of an internet meme even more depressing.

In high school debate clubs, do they limit how many Hitler comparisons you can make?

This freeing the POW isn’t working out at all like it did in Wag the Dog. Did the WH get a country song to go with it?

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  1. “Well, the Bergdahl trade was still better thought out than Obamacare.”

    Does this get Bush off the hook for Sosa for Baines, and Frazee out from under selling Babe Ruth?


  2. @1 – It doesn’t get whoever was the Vikings GM at the time off the hook for trading the franchise’s entire future for Herschel Walker. I say that even though I’m a Bears fan of fifty-five years’ standing.


  3. trading 5 Taliban prisoners for Bergdahl is like a teacher giving back a student 5 of the most annoying and disruptive things confiscated in the classroom in exchange for a punch in the junk.


  4. It just seems like the recurring theme to this Presidency is “Are you kidding? Even Jimmy Carter wasn’t that stupid”. During the hostage crisis, even the biggest bonehead ever to set foot in the White House didn’t consider anything as stupid as this.



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