Stop Being Unparodyable!

Posted on June 16, 2014 7:00 pm

Screenshot from Obama’s Twitter:

First, this administration lecturing ANYONE about debt is like a stumbling-drunk frat boy who’s just finished half a keg grabbing some other kid’s first beer out of his hand and saying “Whoa, there, slugger! Time to slow down and drink responsibly!”

Second, outside of honorary ones, NOBODY gets a degree without debt. Might as well hashtag #BirdsNotWings.

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9 Responses to “Stop Being Unparodyable!”

  1. D-Rock says:

    I had scholarships and working to cover mine. As did my brother. So it’s not impossible

  2. Larry E says:

    It always has to be a “crisis.” People without medical insurance were a “crisis,” so Obama had to take over the entire medical field. Home ownership by blacks was a “crisis,” so Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac had to impose affirmative-action mortgages.

    And student loans are a “crisis,” so the feds have taken over the entire field, and Obama will now reward his friends and cronies with loan forgiveness. This is the crappiest, puniest, most boondoggling administration in history.

  3. MPH says:

    What puzzled me was the Takeover nuts demanding forgiveness of loans as if the bank had loaned them its money. The bank loaned them their parent’s and grandparent’s money. They didn’t get this. How do you get into college without know that the bank is just a middle man? It loans out depositor’s money, charging interest, and passes some of that interest back to the depositors.

    And of course, the current “crisis” is a result of the distortion caused to the education market by the government making so much money available at such a low rate that they’ve artificially driven up demand. Get the government out of the educational grant and loan business, and things will slowly return to normal. They’ve been screwing with the market for 50+ years, so it’ll take a while for the market to return to normal.

  4. Oppo says:

    Larry E nails it.

    And so does MPH. When did taxpayers agred to become co-signers on these deadbeats’ promissory notes? “Hey, you kids — get off of my loan!”

  5. mcg says:

    Scholarships, jobs, and ramen noodles. No debt.

  6. heresolong says:

    So make all degrees honorary and stop charging for them. They’d be just as worthwhile.

  7. Editor says:

    Uh… I got a degree with no debt.

  8. Harvey says:

    Actually, I got out without debt, too – GI Bill & a job delivering pizza.

    Anyway, I think I saw a stat somewhere that 70% of students have college debt after getting their degree, so go ahead and change my line to “nobody but 30% of students”.

  9. raml says:

    I went to a community college. I had to do makeup classes in several subjects. I still ended up with a ass. degree in electronics, which was paid off a year after I got the degree. The degree got me a job programming a variety of programs for different company .I was happy my depts were paid and everything was going good.

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