Straight Line of the Day: Hillary Said the Taliban 5 Are “Not a Threat to the US”. The REAL Threat…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Hillary said the Taliban 5 are “not a threat to the US”. The REAL threat…

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  1. . . . cookies with walnuts

    . . . Americans with functioning neocortices

    . . . guns (they fire themselves, you know)

    . . . the Jackson Five

    . . . the high five

    . . . the detergent that comes in those little pods that Chuck Schumer wants to eat


  2. …[Hillary singing]
    Mysterious film makers mocking Mohammed,
    Vet’rans with guns and religion, enough said,
    Right Wing conspiracies fill me with dread,
    These are the hobgoblins haunting my head…”


  3. @19 Bob B: Couldn’t be more perfect – it was synchronous!


    @22 Miss Anony: Where the heck have you been and how the heck are YOU? BTW, the only walnut threat is the threat of walnuts not entering my mouf.

    Also, I just poured 300 pounds of concrete for a new anchor at a -3.0 foot tide and I’m beat. (Maximum tidal swing in these parts is about 17 feet.)


  4. @22 – Doing just fine. The cornstalks are about a foot and a half high, we actually had a really beautiful day today (a real rarity here), which I took advantage of by bicycling forty miles, and I cooked a nice pork chop for dinner.


  5. @32 jw: Thanks, jw. But it’s hopeless. I live in the sticks on acreage near the saltwater. For years, I’ve been keeping an eye out for mermaids who cook – but with no luck. Turns out they’re all fish eaters and novices in the kitchen. And eight miles away are a bunch of older female hippies with beards and hairy legs – definitely not cookies-for-Jimmy material.



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