Superego and Liberty Island

So as I mentioned, Liberty Island is going into book publishing, and the first book they publish will be my science fiction novel, Superego. Some may remember that from me doing a story piece by piece on my blog back in 2005 that ended up being surprisingly popular. I’ve since completely rewritten it from scratch (maybe a sentence or two survives from the original) and it now twice as long with more characterization and twists and turns. And it’s actually edited. I’m very excited for everyone to see it, and it should come out some time in September (cover image is currently being worked on).

In the meantime, Liberty Island is doing crowdfunding to get themselves up and running as a book publisher. They are publishing conservatives and libertarians and other counter-cultural people — basically, you’ll get to read stories by people who don’t hate your guts. Which is kind of nice. One of the first rewards is my book (for any pledge over $5, you at least get my ebook). You can get the print book for $15 and a signed copy (signed by me!) for $25. There are also other rewards you can pick such as getting every book from Liberty Island’s first year for just $35 (which may include another novel by me; I’m working on a number of others).

So this is where you come in. You go to the PubSlush, give them some money, and choose a reward. I don’t think Liberty Island is starting their main publicity until later this week, so you, my precious blog readers, get first shot at the rewards. And it only takes $5 to at least get the ebook version of my book. And you want my novel. It would be insane if you didn’t. I know I haven’t written a novel before so I’m not sure how to promote myself as a fiction writer, but I promise I write good. I have a very short attention span, so I’m not going to be able to sit down and write a novel unless lots of stuff constantly happens in it so I don’t get bored writing it.

Anyway, Superego is about an intergalactic hitman who is unable to internalize morality — killing leaves no more mark on his conscience than tying a shoe — who accidentally ends up a hero. There’s also sort of a love story in it, but it’s kind of weird because the main character is a psychopath. My idea with the novel was to explore morality by inventing a character who has no practical use for it, but mainly the story is a fun action adventure. It is not a comedy — which is new for me — but it still has plenty of humor in it, of course.

Anyway, I’m very excited about this. I’ve wanted to be a novelist long before I started blogging, and I’m finally making a real go at it thank to Liberty Island. So go to PubSlush, put in some money to help Liberty Island get started, and choose a reward level. And then wait eagerly for Superego to come out so you finally get to read a novel by the Frank J. Fleming. And buying my novel will be mandatory, so you might as well get on that now.

You’ll hear more of this as the crowdfunding campaign goes on, and as we get near the release of my novel, and then then after when my novel is out, and then forever.

UPDATE: There has been some confusion on this, but to get a print book, you have to specifically select a funding level that mentions the print book, so either $15 for Superego in print or $25 for signed copy. All funding levels will get the ebook, though.

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  1. Frank and Harvey, I just wish Scary Evil Monkey would show up here. I remember the very first time I saw his face. My reaction was, “GAH!” – like some evil spirit jumped out of my monitor and bit my eyeballs. Damn, that was funny.


  2. Stumbling upon “a story piece by piece” was my introduction to this blog. Have come here most days since. Hope one of the lines from the original is the one asks “what makes you think it was pig’s blood?” Anyway, glad it is getting published for real and looking forward to my signed copy.

    So I’ve used up my one-per-five years commenting quota now and will go back to lurking until about 2019…



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