The One Thing You Need to Know About Global Warming

[High Praise! to XKCD]

That “one thing” I referenced in the title is NOT in the picture.

The one thing is in the alt-text at XKCD that you normally only get to read if you hover your mouse over the picture there. It says:

“The good news is that according to the latest IPCC report, if we enact aggressive emissions limits now, we could hold the warming to 2°C. That’s only HALF an ice age unit, which is probably no big deal.”

In other words, even if global warming is human-caused, it can’t be human-stopped except with human-extinction.

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  1. I don’t know where XKCD lives, but where I live, I would very much like 2-4 more degrees Celsius.

    Hooray for global warming!


  2. The temperature changes by a few degrees every day. In case you haven’t noticed.

    The ocean level changes by several inches, in some places feet, every day.

    All species survive. Every single one. Every one.

    Let’s extrapolate a similar change over hundreds of years.

    Stop bothering me.


  3. Where I live was once under 5,000 feet of ice. The only thing that seems to have survived it is the nasty morning glory root. I swear it was invented by Satan to make gardening difficult. God would not create such a pest, would he?



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