Why I Don’t Watch World Cup

Posted on June 24, 2014 10:00 pm

(Submitted by Anonymiss of Nuking Politics [High Praise!])

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7 Responses to “Why I Don’t Watch World Cup”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Or hear each other talk!

    I’m in for a tall Guinness… let’s go Miss Anony.

  2. DamnCat says:

    No need to watch soccer – just take your friends out for a bite.

  3. mikeszekely says:

    Soccer sucks.

    That said, I can’t really use this argument, because you could technically say the same thing about hockey. But hockey is all kinds of awesome.

  4. walruskkkch says:

    Actually, I think its Soccer Bites.

  5. jw says:

    Actually, I think its Soccer Blows.

  6. Iowa Jim says:

    @3 – I grew up watching the NHL when there were only six teams, and five of them had goaltenders who are now in the Hall of Fame (and deserve to be). The number of goals scored in a game averaged just about five. But where a soccer game with five goals has perhaps ten shots on goal, these hockey games had sixty-five to seventy shots on goal, with perhaps an additional ten shots blocked by the defensive team before they reached the goal. That, to me, is why soccer sucks but hockey is awesome.

  7. jw says:

    @6 Iowa Jim

    plus, on the rare occasions that i got to go to a live (usually minor league) game, i could sit next to the penalty box and try to learn to swear in french.

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