Common Enemy

President Obama said that Iraq was on its own in addressing insurgent attacks, saying “we can’t do it for them.”

Now if they were being attacked by Tea Partiers…

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  1. Oppo,

    did he intervene in Syria? i thought he drew a red line and Russia called him on it.

    i thought that in Libya he “led from ( or “with his”) behind” and threw a film maker in jail for a parole violation.

    probably makes me a racist or something.


  2. Ah, but how did he justify drawing the red line, or providing air support to the Libyan rebels?

    “We’ve just got to help them,” no?


  3. From what I’ve read, he did send weapons to the Syrian rebels (they’re now in the hands of ISIS). I’m not sure if he’s decided yet what he has done in Libya. I think it depends on who he’s talking to at any partivular time.



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