Culture Warrior

We’re to the last few days of the Liberty Island PubSlush campaign.

Now, we all talk about wanting a country where more people respected freedom, but too much of the battle is done in politics which is like trying to drag people along with us. We want people to happily go down the path of liberty, and for that, we need to fight on the battleground of culture. And that’s what I’m doing now; I’m out there in the trenches, writing novels and stories and getting ready for the culture war. And so are others like me. Well, not just like me. I think I’ve kind carved out my own unique niche. It would be weird to find someone just like me. He might then be the evil Jrank F., fighting on behalf of the left. Hopefully that’s not true.

So what was I saying? Oh yeah, there’s me and other conservatives out there getting ready to fight on the side of culture, and you can support us by helping Liberty Island get its start so it can be a proper publishing house. So give to the PubSlush campaign and choose from lots of different rewards. And as long as you give at least $5, you will get my first novel. And as a new special reward, if you give $35 or more, you’ll get a signed copy of my novel Superego along with whatever reward you signed up for. And my novel will be epic. Think of that: a 100,000 words written by me. Can you imagine what they’ll be? No, you can’t. Only I could imagine that. And only I could write that novel. Scifi action adventure with a punch of humor. It’s unimaginable how entertained you will be. I envy you. Until I remember I’m me.

So give to the campaign and spread the word. And remember: $35 or more gets a signed copy of Superego along with whatever reward you sign up for. And you only have until Friday to join in. So, let’s hit the $25,000 goal. And let’s win this culture war for the soul of America and liberty.

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