In That Capacity, He’s an Expert

Leonardo DiCaprio was chosen to speak at the State Department’s recent “Our Ocean” conference

Unbelievable. The only thing he knows about oceans is how to pretend to drown in one.

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  1. generally i don’t have much use for DiCaprio. this time i have to stand up for him. he has donated at least $7 million to ocean conservation. that is in addition to a prior $3 million for marine wildlife. he is a serious scuba diver, from what i have read. he gives both time and money to oceanic causes.

    he is on the boards of the World Wildlife Fund, Oceans 5, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and others.

    i may not agree with many of his beliefs, but he puts time and money in to ocean preservation. my guess is that he is more knowledgeable than you give him credit for.


  2. I respect that he puts his money where his mouth is, but I could donate $7 million for ocean conservation, $3 million for marine conservation, and time and money, all to Greenpeace, who then turns around and uses my money to fight Global Warming by busing protestors to D.C. for a catered awards conference.

    It is sad that the world has mads one cynical, but donating to abstractions no longer cuts the mustard.

    Now, again, I admit I may be off the mark if DiCaprio has actively advanced his agenda effectively and honestly. As pointed out in a quote earlier today, conservatism allows for that. All I’d say is, show me the money. And where it goes.

    – Oppo, who supported migrant workers today, by not buying something or other they feel oppressed by. Grapes, perhaps. And by buying migrant-produced goods of some sort.

    After all, me buying a mitten equals DiCaprio buying a Prius. Same difference to our net worth.


  3. Oppo,

    i will bash a leftie as readily as anyone when they are wrong. DiCaprio is a global warming believer and probably many other things i don’t like as well.

    that said, he has given millions toward conservation and protection of things that i feel are important. he also gives his time.

    he is a serious scuba diver, having dived places i have only dreamed of and i have dived places most other divers only dream of.

    i suspect that his knowledge of the oceans is greater than just pretending to drown.

    if i will bash a leftie when he is wrong, and i will, i have to stand up for him when i think he is not wrong. otherwise i’m just a rightwing leftie. his Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation may just be a self promotional gimmick. if so, it isn’t doing a very good job. i had never heard of it until i went looking.



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