It’s IMAO’s 12th Blogiversary!

…Or it was, two days ago.

I’m just the worst blogger lately, aren’t I. Well, things are very much in flux for me. At least I’ve got some other writing stuff going on, like my books coming out (and the crowdfunding for Liberty Island which will be publishing my first novel has now passed $10,000).

So, what are your fond IMAO memories of the past dozen years? I remember when I had more time for blogging. Well, perhaps again one day.

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  1. I have fond memories of the In My World episodes set in the White House. I still remember one with W wearing Curious George pajamas and enjoying pudding cup time (or perhaps I’m conflating two different episodes there), and I remember the sudden appearnces of the Rumsfeld Strangler.


  2. @6 Steve H – By the way, all that audio (all 23 episodes) is available in it’s entirety – for free – at Podbean. Listen online or download:

    As topical as this site gets sometimes, the vast majority of the IMAO Podcast humor is pretty timeless.

    Except for the 5 million Ted Kennedy jokes I made in Fun Facts About the 50 States.



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