Just Do the Job You Already Have, Please

Democrat Senator Ed Markey proposed establishing a special envoy at the State Department to coordinate America’s “global response” on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.

That’s not what State is for. If they ever get their own country, State can give ’em an embassy.

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  1. I’m fer it.

    Use a Nuke the Moon stragety on those countries who kill homosexuals.

    Blow up those countries and tell them they don’t want us back.

    So in other words, we won’t blow them up for our self-defense but we will blow them up over LBGTRQXVN issues.

    That’ll confuse the heck out them, they’ll spend all their time trying to get us to ignore them.


  2. “If they ever get their own country….” Don’t they got one already?

    From “One In a Million” by Guns N’ Roses:

    Immigrants and faggots,
    They make no sense to me.
    They come to our country,
    And think they’ll do as they please.

    So, yeah, evidently the do have their own country.

    (h/t Bobcat Goldthwait for pointing this out in a monologue that’s too NSFW to quote here.)



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