Link of the Day: Shame on the Person Who Wrote This Post

(Submitted by Anonymiss of Nuking Politics [High Praise!])

My least favorite thing in the world is when someone on the internet spreads out a list over more than one page just to get more clicks.

Having said that, this list is pretty good and arguably worth clicking on 5 times:

24 Genius Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know Right Now

But here’s Genius Life Hack 25: don’t spread lists over several pages just to get more clicks. It reflects poorly on your character, because it shows that you’re selfish and refuse to consider your reader’s convenience. Why make someone suffer through 5 page loads like that? It’s as rude as letting the door close in someone’s face instead of holding it open for 2 more seconds so the person behind you can pass through.

So, 25: Be Courteous on the Internet… Genius

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  1. There’s a link….for instructions…..after the picture off a phone in a paper towel roll with a cup on each end….how much more ‘instruction” could you possibly need?
    This country is doomed.

    26: Don’t give instructions for things that are painfully obvious, no matter how much they ask.


  2. Freeze grapes to cool wine? That will definitely affect the flavor of the wine.

    If you’re going to store something in your freezer to use to cool drinks, then use glass beads – the kind usually put in vases to hold flowers in position. They’ll chill any drink without affecting the flavor. Just be careful you don’t swallow them.


  3. @2 MPH – Personally, I’m not a fan of using anything other than H2O to chill my drink. Solid objects don’t have any latent heat of fusion to give up to keep your beverage cool for more than a few minutes.



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