Obama Warned Us – Fight Polluters

This is how you can fight back against special interests’ and polluters’ anti-climate agenda: http://ofa.bo/h00s #ActOnClimate

“Polluters: the racists of the air”

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  1. Okay, let me see if I’ve got this right…someone, or some entity actually has an “anti-climate agenda?” For what purpose or to what end would they have such a policy? Do they hate the present climate and if so why? Would they not suffer along with the rest of us from the effects of climate change? What if they aren’t citizens and residents of this country? Can the president still stop them from carrying out their evil anti-climate plans? How will I ever be able to get a good nights sleep again?


  2. I’m pro climate choice, if it wants to warm, who am I to deny it’s right to do it? It’s in the constitution! It’s settled law. Besides, it’s not changing, it’s evolving!

    Our Climates, Our Selves!



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