Obama Warned Us – Join the Fight

Join the fight to help folks struggling to get by on the minimum wage: http://ofa.bo/p0Gd #RaiseTheWage

“NOTE: Not an actual fight. If this were an actual fight with vital American values riding on the outcome, I would run away like a frightened little girl (see also: Iraq, Afghanistan)”

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  1. (see also: Iraq, Afghanistan, Crimea, Poland, Mexican Border, Libya, Syria and more to come)

    my two cents worth


  2. I thought we WERE helping folks who are struggling to get by on minimum wage… by supplying food stamps, head of household benefits, WICK and dozens of other program benefits. In fact those folks don’t even have to work and we are supplying food stamps, head of household benefits, WICK and dozens of other program benefits!


  3. Across the street from the house I’m working on (value, approx.$1mill) is a single family house that houses 2 adults (married I believe) and SIX kids from about 5 to 16. NOBODY in the house works (Ive spent hundreds of hours there, this is a fact).
    They have 2 cars, the house is a little small but is worth at least $900,000. It is “owned” by the town (and it wasn’t easy figuring that out, unlike every other house on the street) in other words, they TOOK it from some poor old lady who couldn’t pay the taxes. They send all their kids to school on the bus, which working people have to PAY for, like $300 per kid even though they have 2 cars and nowhere to go every day. I assume they have the whole crazy check scheme mastered.
    I finally did the math and at a MINIMUM, they are getting $150,000 a year just in free stuff and crazy checks for the 6 kids. Rent alone (minimum rent for a single family there is $3000/month, max =$11,000 a MONTH) is roughly $46,000/year, food stamps are another $13,000, “free insurance” is another $48,000. Throw in at least 4 Obama phones, free (oil @$4/gal)heat, free electric, free cable and God knows how much the “parents” get for their “disability” and it’s got to be closer to $200,000/year. I’ve been working there off and on since 2006 and the only thing that’s changed is new kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have another one.

    So the other day, while I’m working 20 feet in the air in 90 degree heat, I got to watch them load up the car top carrier on the mini van and go ….ON VACATION!

    Well, everyone but “dad”, he had to stay home and not work…I guess. Later that day, I watched as he walked down to the farm at the end of the street….to work on his painting.

    Yeah, they’re really struggling.



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