Peggy Joseph 2014

Remember Peggy Joseph? Sure you do.

[The YouTube]

Well, she’s using different words now.

[The YouTube]
Tip: The Other McCain

The question is not who “will she vote for in 2016?”, it’s “who will she vote for in 2014?”

I didn’t mind making fun of her in 2008, or in the years since. But she seems to be wising up. So, maybe there’s hope — real hope — after all.

But, if I stop making fun of Peggy Joseph, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop making fun of Barack Obama and others who still drink his Kool-Aid. None of us should.

Do you have a funny story of someone who was Peggy Joseph then and is still that way? Share it. We could all use a good laugh.

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  1. She voted for Barak. She’ll vote for Hillary. Her actual best interests have nothing to do with it. Because people who are racist are usually sexist, too.


  2. Wasn’t she mentioned on The Beatles’ “Blame Whitey” Album?

    “Have you seen the little Peggies
    Crawling in the dirt?
    And for all the little Peggies
    Life is getting worse . . . “


  3. … Wait, wait, wait:

    May I ask if she owns that home in the second video?

    Tell me again what sort of freebies she wanted from the government?



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