Peggy Joseph 2014

Posted on July 17, 2014 11:00 am

Remember Peggy Joseph? Sure you do.

[The YouTube]

Well, she’s using different words now.

[The YouTube]
Tip: The Other McCain

The question is not who “will she vote for in 2016?”, it’s “who will she vote for in 2014?”

I didn’t mind making fun of her in 2008, or in the years since. But she seems to be wising up. So, maybe there’s hope — real hope — after all.

But, if I stop making fun of Peggy Joseph, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop making fun of Barack Obama and others who still drink his Kool-Aid. None of us should.

Do you have a funny story of someone who was Peggy Joseph then and is still that way? Share it. We could all use a good laugh.

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4 Responses to “Peggy Joseph 2014”

  1. Peregrine John says:

    She voted for Barak. She’ll vote for Hillary. Her actual best interests have nothing to do with it. Because people who are racist are usually sexist, too.

  2. Oppo says:

    Wasn’t she mentioned on The Beatles’ “Blame Whitey” Album?

    “Have you seen the little Peggies
    Crawling in the dirt?
    And for all the little Peggies
    Life is getting worse . . . “

  3. zzyzx says:

    Never trust the wizard…very good advice.

  4. Oppo says:

    … Wait, wait, wait:

    May I ask if she owns that home in the second video?

    Tell me again what sort of freebies she wanted from the government?

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