Promoted Comment: Hobby Lobby Hate in a Nutshell

In the comments to this post, frogmouth [High Praise!] sums it up nicely:


Employee: I’m hungry.

Employer: Eat something.

Employee: What do you have?

Employer: Well…there’s coffee in the break room. And some donuts, I think.

Employee: Donuts?!? I can’t eat GLUTEN!!! Is the coffee fair trade?

Employer: Ummmm…I dunno. I think it’s Folgers.

Employee: Well, I can’t have that! What else you got?

Employer: There’s some fruit.

Employee: Is it locally sourced? From family farms? Grown organically using sustainable agricultural methods?

Employer: Ummmm…

Employee: Ugh! You’re no help.

Employer: Want half my ham sandwich?

Employee: I’m Jewish! And vegetarian!

Employer: Well, you should bring food you like, so you won’t go hungry.

Employee: You’re denying my access to food! You’re trying to kill me by starving me and working me to death!

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  1. There’s a vegan girl where I work. If somebody brings in something & puts it in the break room for everybody, there better be something vegan, or she throws a fit. One of the supervisors got pizza for everyone one day, even got a vegetarian one for her. She pitched a bitch. Yelled at him for getting vegetarian instead of vegan.


  2. 5of7….Tofu bacon?!? Don’t make me hurt you.

    viking…I’m not saying I made any of this up. I’m a keen observer of human nature and can safely say things like that happen on a daily basis in offices across the country.


  3. “If my employer refuses to buy firearms for me, are they denying my 2nd Amendment rights?”



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