Promoted Comment: Rephrasing the Liberal Hobby Lobby Argument

From this post. Dodsfall nails it [High Praise!]:

“If my employer refuses to buy firearms for me, are they denying my 2nd Amendment rights?”

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  1. And you get to be choosy about the firearm. Those 16 types they offer just aren’t good enough. It’s those 4 that are extra deadly. Those are the ones you want.


  2. Yeah, the ones with three settings on the safety–safe, fire, and rock ‘n’ roll.

    (That’s actually legal under federal law at present, if you have a federal firearm collector’s license; of course, then you have to buy the ammo. Come to think of it, due to the consumable nation of contraceptives (for the most part), it’s more like buying ammo.)



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